About us

Welcome to REAL WORK!

Our website is a platform where you can find active partners for successful cooperation within REAL GOLD system.

REAL WORK is a database of CVs of applicants who propose their candidates for the positions of POTENTIAL PARTNERS who will be responsible for active sales.

REAL WORK is a place where:

  • businessmen (future CURATORS) willing to establish business providing high passive income get an access to the database of CVs of applicants and find the best candidate who will become a POTENTIAL PARTNER working on the developing of  a business structure;
  • experienced participants of MLM business ( future POTENTIAL PARTNERS) can offer their services and organizational skills to prospective CURATORS  who are looking for business partners who will be in charge of active sales;


  •  enterprising people (future POTENTIAL PARTNERS) with no experience can place their candidates for the position of  POTENTIAL PARTNER and join REAL GOLD team.